Welcome to our Kentucky life

This is going to be a quick post, as we are about to head out for a family excursion to the library here in our new town…Little Guy is sorely in need of an outing geared towards him, and Hubby wants to check out the religion section (surprise, surprise!) But I have had several people leave me comments on Facebook and elsewhere asking how we like Kentucky, our new house, and our new town. And now that we finally have internet (as of yesterday…a week and a half after getting here!), I don’t want to leave you all hanging for too long.   So for those who have asked, here is a lightning bullet by bullet update.

  • We LOVE our new town!  We are on the very south side of Kentucky, right in the middle of farming country.  Our new town has enough of a downtown that we can feel like we are in the city, then drive fifteen minutes and be in the middle of beautiful fields and forest.  The people are extremely friendly, and we have already made a few connections and acquaintances.  Even Little Guy appears pleased with his new library, park, and bookstore.
  • We also love our new house.  It is the perfect size for us, and is just on the edge of the suburban area of town…so while we live on a quiet, pleasant residential street, our backyard overlooks a large farm.  Little Guy loves the yard and his new bedroom (in which we have finally set up his adult bed, converted from his daybed), I love the thoroughly modern kitchen with tons of counter space, Hubby and I love our master suite (which has a recessed ceiling, two kinds of lighting, a hallway with his and her walk-in closets and separate bath, and a great view of the trees and farm), and everybody loves our covered back deck.
  • FOOD–if you know me, you know that has been a big deal for me…finding sources of local food so we could transition immediately on moving here.  The results of my quest have been even better than I could have hoped!  Between two different farmer’s markets, I can visit the market FOUR days out of the seven, if I choose (gasp!) I have also already found sources for local, humane chicken, gluten free foods, local milk and dairy, and more.  We spent a very pleasant afternoon in Amish country yesterday finding food and flowers and gorging ourselves on blueberries.  And then, last night,  I made a lovely tri-colored tomato tart, which we consumed with local wine while sitting on our back deck listening to the birds sing.  *sigh of contentment*
  • The only negative experience we have had so far was a church that we visited Sunday….Little Guy loved it (surprisingly), but Hubby and I were *much* less than impressed.  It made me a little homesick for our great little church in Missouri.  (Miss you guys!)

Well that is it for now, as I am in demand for our library trip.  Let me just say that I think this place is going to be very good for us, in many ways…more than I have time to relate right now.  I have been meditating and philosophizing in my own quiet way quite a lot over the past week and a half, during our internet-free period, and have some thoughts to share.  But they will have to wait.  Hope you are all well and having a peaceful day…more from this end soon.

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  1. wow, sounds wonderful! i want to see pictures!

    What was the deal with the church?

    • As soon as I find the connection cable for my camera (must still be in a box somewhere), I will definitely write a post with pictures! And as for the church…well…it was a number of things. But the biggest was that people were not friendly, and the sermon was a long, weirdly over-the-top nationalistic rant on the superiority of America and America’s system of governance, with virtually no mention of religion or spirituality. We expected a bit of patriotism in the service because of it being the fourth of July, and were willing to overlook it (even though we have a real issue with the mixing of nationalism and religion), but this was REALLY over the top. You would have had to be there to understand just how bad it was. Plus, even though the church had a well-equipped nursery that Little Guy really liked (he esp. loved the multiple bouncy horses) , the nursery workers did not relate to the children at all, and pretty much sat around texting the whole time (I know because I went out during the service and surreptitiously looked through the door.) So, all in all, not a good fit for us.

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