Playing catch up

I wish I had had had my camera with me at church this morning.  Little Guy has been learning a little about St. Francis at home, and was thrilled to discover that the church’s meditation garden has a child-sized statue of the charitable, animal-loving saint.  So what did Little Guy do?  In his very literal, tactile, loving way, he ran right up to the statue, threw his arms around it, and, fingering every engraved nook and cranny, walked around it (still hugging it), and even kissed it on the cheek.  When I told him we had to leave, he gave the statue a final cuddle, backed up, and waved, “Goodbye, St. Francis!”  And off we went.

Our local library has a good little selection of children’s books on St. Francis…I think we’ll be checking them out this week.

I’m sorry it has been so long since I posted.  I have been VERY busy; we have started our year of homeschooled Pre-K, and along with it has come a great deal of planning, and some new activities.  I have joined with a couple of other mothers to start a playgroup for children with neurological issues…we had our first meeting this past Friday, and it went very well.  There were only three children in the group, but I’m hoping it will grow as the word gets out.  In the coming few weeks, we will be going on an exciting field trip to Cheekwood Gardens in Nashville, participating in an outdoor Read, Art, Music, and Play group, having a good friend come visit for a week, and continuing our preschool routine at home….lots of good books, fine motor skill work, picture study (great artists), alphabet, counting, art activities, outdoor time, and music.  Unfortunately, we missed the fall cut off for APSU’s homeschool PE program (they have a group for four and five year olds that focuses on spatial awareness and large motor skills…just what we need!), but we will be enrolling for it next term.

We have also been talking about and adjusting to the idea of our new baby.  Most of you who read this blog will know that I am now sixteen weeks pregnant with Baby #2 (currently referred to as Grapefruit Baby).  Vincent has been vacillating between being pleased (first he said he wanted a girl baby AND a boy baby, but when told we were only having one, decided he wants a boy), and refusing to talk about it.  I am trying to gently work on his comfort level, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

On a personal note, I find myself for the first time in several years settling into something that I can only say resembles a deep peace.  Many things have converged to make this happen.  I can’t go into all of them, but suffice it to say that multiple pressures and tensions have lessened, and my relationships all seem to be in very good places.  I am reading voraciously, writing well, and praying more and with more confidence; and I have a sense of assurance in moving ahead in my life…really, a sense of inspiration and excitement…that I had lost for a little while due to various types of stress, pain, and exhaustion.  So for all of this, I am terribly grateful.  I have looked so long for silver linings that the near absence of clouds is blinding.

I must go soon to get Little Guy down for his nap and prepare Merlin for the Blessing of the Animals at church this afternoon (hooray…maybe we can get a break on the seizures for a while…ha), but I did want to mention Madeleine L’Engle’s book Walking on Water.  This is the best book I have ever read (and reread)  on the profound relationship between spirituality and art…for those of us who are artists AND Christians, but tend to eschew the idea of “Christian art.”  I highly recommend it to anyone…artists and non-artists, Christians and non-Christians alike .

Have a wonderful week!

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