GAPS Menu, Week 2

GAPS is going well.  Mostly.

We haven’t run into many issues.  The biggest problems we have found are these  1) Little Guy has an enormous appetite these days, and filling  him up without having grains available is proving to be a major challenge.  (He doesn’t like nuts.  If he did, it would help.)  And, 2) Hubby wants to buy sugary things.  And sugar- free things.  And things with grain.  Pretty much everything, in fact, that he can’t have.  He did actually come home with something “illegal”  today that promptly got put on a top shelf to be saved till after GAPS.  Fortunately the item was shelf-stable.

Anyways.  I have some work to do today and tomorrow.  We are out of several homemade staples that are probably going to be weekly-things-to-make.  Today, I have a huge pot of stock on the stove (we used up all the stock I had previously frozen within the first week and a half of GAPS!)  There is a spaghetti sqash baking in the oven for dinner, and I am about to add a pan of grain-free granola and a loaf of coconut-flour banana bread to keep it company.  (May as well make use of that oven heat.)  As the oven cools down, I will stick in a pan of yogurt to culture over the next twenty four hours.

I also need to make ketchup and mayonnaise.  I had made those before last week…but, again, we used them up faster than I had anticipated.  Oh yes…and we’re almost out of creme fraiche.

This diet is a LOT of work.  A yogurt and granola breakfast used to just mean opening a yogurt and spooning in some carbs from a box.  *sigh*

Last week’s menu was a big success.  Everybody loved the jalapeno cheddar biscuits, the broccoli cheese bites, the borscht, and  the stuffed peppers.  I got a sweets craving late in the week and made “Energy Bites” (I have yet to come up with a better name) from coconut, hazelnuts, raisins, coconut oil, almond butter, and honey.  They were actually pretty amazing, and a big hit with both boys.  (There are none left.)

So….on to the menu.  Like last week, we’ll be recycling some of our favorite recipes from this week in order to give the menu a modicum of familiarity.  I honestly think that that is what is getting to Little Guy the most…he likes the food, but he doesn’t know what he can count on; everything has changed so much.  He thrives on the routine and regular.

  • Sunday–Breakfast: Cheese and fruit (pre-church meals have to be fast!) Lunch: Leftovers; Dinner: Sausage and peppers served over spaghetti sqash with homemade creme fraiche
  • Monday-Breakfast: Fried eggs and tomatoes; Lunch: Flourless peanut butter pancakes, baked pears; Dinner: Lemon Chicken with Broccoli, salad
  • Tuesday–Breakfast: Grain-free granola with home-cultured yogurt; Lunch: Chicken salad on tomatoes; Dinner: Lentil Stew w/Greens, Coconut flour biscuits
  • WednesdayBreakfast: Coconut flour banana bread with peanut butter, fruit; Lunch: Leftover soup, cheese, leftover biscuits; Dinner: Chicken Satay w/peanut sauce, spiced butternut sqash, spinach salad
  • ThursdayBreakfast: Eggs and tomatoes; Lunch: Chef salads; Dinner: Stuffed peppers, cauliflower “rice”, cucumber salad
  • Friday- Breakfast: Grain-free granola with yogurt; Lunch: Gazpacho, hard-boiled eggs, cheese; Dinner: Cowboy stew, Jalapeno-cheddar coconut flour biscuits
  • SaturdayBreakfast: Sausage and peppers; Lunch: Date for me and  Hubby; assorted cheese and veggies with coconut flour muffins for Little Guy’s packed lunch; Dinner: Leftovers
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  1. wow, that is a ful menu, Hope ypu can make in bulk and freeze dome of that

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