The second week

My children are the most amazing thing in my life right now.  They are both developing so fast I can hardly keep up and am so afraid of forgetting all the little important moments, even though I know it is impossible to remember them all.

This was our second week of Oak Meadow.  It was good.

We continued starting every morning with circle time.  This week, we continued singing “Down by the Station,” but dropped “Michael, Row the Boat Ashore” in favor of “Kum-ba-yah.”  To my great surprise, Little Guy loved “Kum-ba-yah”!  He listened intently every morning, while staring into the candle flame.  He even asked to listen to it at other random times.  We’re going to recycle it this coming week, and hopefully I can get him to actually sing it by Friday.

He also said, ALMOST by himself and with just a little prompting, his whole morning verse.  He really enjoys the hand motions we do with it.

“Morning has come,

night is away,

we rise with the sun,

to welcome the day.”

                                                           –Oak Meadow K curriculum

Our circle time–left to right, Little Guy, me, and Baby V 🙂

This week, our focus was on the letter “B”.  I told him the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears every day, and we worked on narration.  That wasn’t hard, because it’s a story I’ve told him since he was little.  (I fleshed it out a bit this week.)  We drew a bear in the shape of a B, and butterflies with B-shape sas their wings. For science, we capitalized on the butterfly theme, and read stories about metamorphosis.  His syllabus had one good story, and then we checked out more from the library.  I also did an interactive drawing of the stages of metamorphosis with him (please ignore my obvious inability to draw!)  The funny thing was, when we started and I first asked him to narrate the process back to me, it turned out that what he had somehow processed was that eggs hatch into snakes, and that when the snakes come out of their chrysalises, they turn into bees.  *sigh and giggle* Fortunately, his understanding of the process improved as the week went on.

Learning about butterflies

Little Guy did AMAZINGLY with his letter boards this week.  We use the Melissa and Doug see-and-spell boards, and he loves them.  His focus is fantastic when he uses them…he is so tactile.  He spelled lots of words this week, some on his own and some with help.  We did a lot of “B” words, and then of course many of his beloved engine names.  I was so proud of him sitting there and spelling things out correctly and left-to-right on his own!

One interesting thing did happen.  I had not planned to do any computer work just yet, but it turns out that he is very interested in the keyboard and in learning to type!  Because of his delayed fine motor skills, writing words is going to be a while coming, but he can type them with no problem.  I set him up on Microsoft Word two mornings this week, enlarged the font size and colored it red, and let him go to town.  He loved it.  So I think we will be incorporating a bit of computer time into our school time a couple of days a week.

For math this week, we talked about the number 1.  Little Guy can count to twenty and beyond, but we are working on the tangible qualities of the numbers.  I told him the story of Father Sun, who is just one but has enough light for everyone; we drew suns and ones; we talked about trees with just one trunk but many branches.  On Thursday, we baked GAPS-friendly cookies together, and he counted.  He counted ten dates, twenty cookies, and so on.

For health, in continuation of our cleanliness/self care topic, he worked on self-washing.

What else did we do?  We read nursery rhymes.  We read many, many other books (especially Dr. Seuss.)  We did puzzles.  We did speech therapy games.  We reviewed the seasons (last week’s science topic) and read books about them.  We went to the library.  On Wednesday, we made rhythm drums out of coffee cans.  It was a disaster.  Little Guy has NO sense of rhythm and does not like to be reminded of the fact.  That’s fine: rhythm can wait.

We did watercolor painting, on both wet and dry paper.  He loves to paint, so that was a big hit.  This week, we did mostly yellow, as we talked about the warmth of the sun in summer.

Happy boy with his watercolors

His focus was excellent, most of the week.  Thursday got a little rough, but I expect that.  He has been concentrating so much better than I expected, and I know there are bound to be down times.  Thursday morning, he couldn’t focus on our stories, didn’t want to do his table work, kept talking over me, was stimming a lot, and so on.  So what did we do?  We dropped everything for two hours, went outside and got really, really dirty then really, really wet, and came in and took baths.  And then we started again, and it went much better.

That is why I am glad I can homeschool.

Till next time!

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