GAPS Menu Plan, Week 4

A few quick comments from last week.  The Italian meats casserole was a HUGE hit with everyone.  That made me feel great.  It’s not often that all three of us love the same thing!

Over the past couple of days, I made a big batch of creme fraiche.  Part of it I stored in the fridge to use throughout the week, and the other part I combined with raw honey and organic vanilla to make a pretty fantastic homemade, lactose free ice cream.

And then last night, I got a craving for a savory baked good…and though I didn’t bake anything, I came up with these Savory Coconut Flour Mini-Pancakes.  Everybody liked them so much I decided to give them a post of their own.

Little Guy has been having lots of fun making banana bread with me.  We did it again today, using this recipe.  I have some homemade yogurt just about finished culturing, and I’m thinking about draining some and making a yummy cream-cheese-like spread for the banana bread.  Little Guy and Hubby like it with peanut butter (sans sugar, of course.)

I don’t have much time, so here is this week’s menu.

  • Sunday: Breakfast: Scrambled or fried eggs, tomatoes; Lunch: Banana bread-peanut butter sandwiches, assorted raw veggies; Dinner: Pizza with coconut flour crust; cucumber salad; creme fraiche ice cream (pretty easy day!)
  • Monday:Breakfast: Homemade yogurt smoothies; Lunch: Leftover pizza(?) or chef salads; Dinner: Slow cooker chicken; lima beans; stir fried okra and tomatoes
  • Tuesday: Breakfast: Baked sausage and tomatoes; Lunch: Chicken soup with creme fraiche, fruit, cheese; Dinner: Bun-less burger topped with cheddar and salsa; butternut squash fries; red cabbage cole slaw
  • Wednesday: Breakfast: Eggs and banana bread; Lunch: Flourless butter pancakes with butter and raw honey, apple and celery salad; Dinner: Sausage meatballs sauteed with peppers and onions and topped with creme fraiche, cheddar-jalapeno coconut flour biscuits
  • Thursday: Breakfast: Homemade yogurt smoothies; Lunch: Chef salads; Dinner: Spaghetti squash “pasta” with meat sauce; broccoli cheddar bites
  • Friday: Breakfast: Eggs and tomatoes; Lunch: Hard-boiled eggs and assorted cheese & fruit  Dinner: GAPS-friendly BBQ pork tenderloin with green beans, cauliflower “mashed potatoes.”
  • Saturday: Breakfast:  Flourless PB pancakes; Lunch:  Leftovers; Dinner: Leftovers.
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