Oak Meadow Week 4 and Fire Station Field Trip

Before everybody gets tired of my blissful ravings, can I say again just how much I am LOVING homeschooling, and how happy I am that we made this decision for Little Guy?  It is so wonderful watching his attention span lengthen and his confidence grow.  With every week that goes by, I am more and more sure that this was the right and only choice to make for him.

Okay, it’s out of my system.  Now down to business.

This week was a review week.  Oak Meadow Kindergarten does three weeks in a row of focusing on specific letters, and then one week to review.  So, since we have had a week each for A, B, and C, we spent this week reviewing the stories we’ve read and working on finding these letters in our home environment, in books, on signs, and in nature.  We spent some time every day writing the letters with block crayons, too.  Little Guy’s fine motor skills, while still definitely delayed, are absolutely improving!  He did some really good work this week.  We’re still doing a lot of hand-over-hand, but he’s getting a little more confident trying to form the letters on his own. We did at least two pages of this every day this week, and his focus was excellent.  I’m so proud of him!

In addition to our letter and story review, we spent a lot of time reading poetry, both from his nursery rhyme collection and from the 20th Century Children’s Poetry Treasury.  As part of our poetry time, we incorporated word cards for “Rain, Rain, Go Away,” like last week, and added “It’s Raining,It’s Pouring.”  Little Guy is picking up sight words like crazy, and really enjoys arranging the words back into the rhymes.  It was so fun watching the light click on his head this week when he realized he could take the words and arrange them differently to make completely new sentences, too.  Oftentimes, he wanted to get out his letter boards right after the poem cards, so he could work on spelling the words he was learning (and others that he already knows.)

Music and movement is a difficult time of the day for us, mainly due to Little Guy’s lack of coordination, which really makes him uncomfortable trying to follow along with motions.  So this week, we segued straight from poetry time into music and movement, with “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush.”  We used one of my plants, and danced around it, both separately and together, while singing; and then we did various verses, including the “brush our teeth” verse….which enabled us to transition again, this time into the “health” portion of our lesson.  For health, we are still working on self-care (which for Little Guy also involves a lot of fine/large motor work.)  This week, we worked on self-bathing, brushing our own teeth, and self-dressing.

For math this week, we focused on the number two.  In Waldorf/Oak Meadow philosophy, the introduction of the letter two leads to an introduction of the concept of duality as opposed to unity (introduced during the study of the number one.)  So, we talked about the sun and the moon; about Mommy and Daddy; brother and sister; and various other examples of two-ness in his life.  We also drew beautiful pictures of suns and moons, and read George MacDonald’s “Princess Daylight.”  We also continued doing his Melissa  and Doug shape composition puzzles, and baked twice….banana bread and muffins.  He’s getting really good at counting at the ingredients and helping with the blending.

Probably the most exciting element of our week occurred on Thursday, when we joined our new homeschool group for a field trip at the local fire department.  It was a little hot and overwhelming, but pretty fun nevertheless.

This was the fire engine Little Guy was *hoping* to get to climb on…before it had to roar off to actually do its job!  It was very interesting to hear the bell go off and watch the firemen suiting up and taking the trucks out, sirens wailing.  The whole thing occurred in less than a minute.

It’s sometimes hard to tell how much Little Guy is paying attention during events like these, especially when things are stressful from a sensory perspective (hot, crowded, strange smells, scary sirens that made him jump).  But he really was tuned in.  That night when we were eating dinner, I asked him to tell Hubby what he saw on his field trip.  He said that he saw fire engines, fire men with gray suits, and boots just like his Thomas boots…and that he got to sit on the fire engine.  He even told him about a little boy we met who was wearing a red and blue shirt (Little Guy has a bit of a thing for that color combination at the moment.)  Since we’re still working on recounting past events (the memory is not the issue…just the verbal communication of the memory), I’d say that was pretty good!

All in all, an exciting time, but he was pretty worn out by the end of it.  We spent the rest of the day cooking, reading, and visiting the library, where , all by himself, he picked out several books to check out, including a new (to him) Madeleine book, and this series, which is one of his current favorites…
So that is pretty much our week.  It was long, but good.  And just in case you’re wonder what Baby V is up to all this time….

…she’s learning right along with us!  Bye till next time!

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