Books, books, books!

I know I am not the only person around here who is on pins and needles every time an Amazon order finally shows up as “shipped.”  I know….I’m like a little kid.  But every book order that arrives on my front porch is like another Christmas to me.

Which is why I’m really excited right now.  I just placed a book order for books for myself using a gift card I received as an anniversary gift…and am looking forward to reading some wonderful food writing and a couple of good novels in a few days.

AND, this package showed up last week!

I can’t help it…I’m REALLY psyched.  Educational books rank pretty closely after literary novels and food writing on my Personal Book Excitement Scale.
Here’s what I’ve got to read over the next few weeks:

You are Your Child’s First Teacher–A Waldorf-inspired book on parenting and early childhood development, focusing on ages birth to six.  It has excellent reviews and is widely recommended in Waldorf circles.

Early Intervention Games–A fantastic book from “The Game Lady,” Barbara Sher, full of great social/fine motor games for my SPD kiddo.  I’m looking forward to some new ideas for working with him.

Earthways–Environmentally-friendly craft book.  You can’t have too many of those!  I am so excited about teaching both my kids about their responsibility in caring for their earth-home.  And since I’m a bit craft-challenged, I can always new ideas.

Make Way for Reading–A BRAND NEW reading list for K-8, complete with recommendations for Waldorf education blocks!  This just came out a couple of months ago, and I’ve been eagerly waiting to get it.

Planting Seeds–Another pretty new book, by renowned Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, on simple and pertinent ways to teach and practice mindfulness with children.  I’m already gleaning great ideas.

Festivals, Family, and Food–A beautiful book of crafts, recipes, poems, and stories related to the seasons and major festivals.  Tons of gorgeous and even easy ideas for non-crafty people like me!  Also inspiring just to sit and read through.  🙂

The Children’s Year–Another Waldorf-inspired book of natural crafts and projects to do with and for children throughout the year.

The Nature Corner–An older book.  It’s a how-to on creating seasonal tableaux.  Beautiful photos and ideas!

Anyway, I have to go get dinner on the table…just had to share!  What is everyone else reading?

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