Oak Meadow Week 6. Sickness.

Well, this was not a very productive week.  We only did two school days out of the five, because most of the week Little Guy looked like this.

Well, not exactly.  Actually, most of the week he looked even worse, because he was covered in hives from a severe allergic reaction, in addition to being just plain sick half the week.  So I don’t really have a lot to report….but figured that, for consistency’s sake, I would post what I do have.

Monday, we did a bit of nature exploration, and found these two friends sitting on our front porch.

What a find!  We watched them for quite a while, and Mr. Grasshopper even deigned to do quite a bit of fascinating jumping (and ricocheting off walls) for us.   Then, we went inside and listened to our Grasshopper on the Road audiobook.  We also read the book several more times throughout the week (it arrived in the mail Monday, so he was very excited about it.)


This week, our letter was “E,” and our story was “The Flopsy Bunnies.”  Little Guy really enjoyed it (fortunately–I was hoping we’d have a good central story after the one he couldn’t stand last week.)

We also read quite a few library books, these being our favorites….

Pocketful of Posies is by far our favorite collection of nursery rhymes.  Sally Mavor created stunningly beautiful and intricate scenes composed of tiny felted people, crocheted patterns, and natural elements, and photographed them for this book.  Little Guy seriously can’t get enough (and neither can I.)  He also loved Anansi and the Magic Stick; it has great illustrations and an exciting but pleasantly rhythmic storyline.  And of course, The Gingerbread Man and Stone Soup are two classics that are hard to get wrong (although I’ve seen it done.)

However–The Story About Ping.  Hmmm.  Well, let me say first off that Little Guy loved it, so we just kept reading it to him with a bit of editing.  But I will never take the advice of a trusted kindergarten booklist for granted again.  I mean…a duck who is so scared of being spanked that he runs away and nearly gets killed in the process? and then still gets spanked in the end when he is brave enough to come back?? I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t fit into our family’s framework.  Little Guy doesn’t even know what a “spank” is, let alone that he should be scared of it.  *sigh*  I guess I still need to preview books before reading them aloud.  By the time we got to the objectionable parts, he was already so excited about the book I hated to stop.

Let’s see…what else?  Not much.  For speech therapy, we worked on a pointing game outlined in Straight Talk for his development level, and focused a LOT on making eye contact when he is listening to someone speak to him.  It really improves his focus.

We sang”The More We Get Together” at circle time.  We learned  a little about squirrels.  We made construction paper pumpkins and drew faces on them.  And we painted with watercolors (focusing on using two colors and cleaning our brush between colors.)

As you can probably tell, he was already sick in this picture.  We really did try, but that’s about it for us this week.  Hopefully by  Monday, he and Baby V will both be all better and we can start afresh!

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  1. Sounds like you got a lot done for this being a sick week. Even though The Story of Ping may not be related to your family it does give him a look at how other families may live. That’s a good thing right? I’m curious what kinds of things do you include in your circle time? We are not very structured here (although I am a very structured type A person) but I would like to be more consistent with doing a little something every day.

  2. Hmmmm…I suppose it might give him an idea, but really that is something that overall we are trying not to expose him to right now, for two reasons. Firstly, we don’t believe in hitting anyone for any reason, so for us it is an ethical thing; and secondly, with his SPD, we have had problems in the past with him self-hitting for self-stimulation/comfort. Fortunately, we have not had a recurrence of that problem in a long time, but it was quite an issue, and therefore we don’t discuss/show/endorse hitting of any kind. (Sorry if that comes across a bit strong!)

    As to the circle time, right now, here is what we do. It takes only about ten minutes. We all three sit down on the floor with a jar candle and our CD player on a mat in front of us. We light the candle, and say our morning verse; then we use our CD to play/sing along with that week’s songs (and usually all the other songs from the week too.) Then we say our closing verse, and blow out the candle. Both kiddos like watching the smoke float up from the candle. 🙂 And then we move into our first school activity. So it’s not too much, but it lends a nice focus to the beginning of our day. As he gets a little older, I will probably start trying to add more elements into circle time. HTH!

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