Oak Meadow Week 8 and Tractor Show

Well, it was another great week.  Every three weeks, we have a review week; so this week we reviewed the formation of all the letters up through F.  We made letters with toothpicks, drew big outside letters with chalk, and did pages and pages of hand over hand writing.  Fortunately, he really loves this work.  He wants so much to be able to make the letters on his own, so he’s  super motivated.

We read lots of books, as always.  But there were a few particularly good ones this week.  Jerry Pinkney’s Noah’s Ark is absolutely stunning.  (But then, we love anything Jerry Pinkney.)  It is gentle, respectful, and detailed in its narrative and illustrations.  Paul Zelinsky’s Hansel and Gretel is my favorite picture book rendition. It’s beautiful in every respect.  One Fine Day, by Nonny Hogrogian, is a slightly different take on the cat-who-stole-the-mouse’s-tail story.  It has great illustrations.  Vincent loved Mother Goose Picture Puzzles because of the interactiveness of it and the interesting illustrations.  And Love Is…, by Wendy Anderson Halperin, is simply AMAZING.  Hubby and I both loved it.  It is an artist’s take on the definitions of love in 1 Corinthians 13, and has simply amazing illustrations, done in a compare-and-contrast style…lovely drawings of people making either the compassionate or unkind choice in many different situations, and how it affects them and the people around them. I highly, highly recommend this book (and all of these, actually.)

The first half of this week was really beautiful, so we spent a lot of time outside playing and going on nature walks.  I got to watch my boy chase butterflies and pick flowers…my, how he is changing!  Michaelmas daisies are blooming wild on the edge of the trees, so we picked some and put them in a jar.  We also observed some interesting rocks and some berries I couldn’t identify.  I love that Little Guy is getting more engaged with nature.  🙂

Let’s see….math.  We had a breakthrough in math this week!  Up until this week, Little Guy has been able to count beautifully, but has not been able to recognize numbers visually.  That has changed!  I finally had the idea to personify his numbers….I drew large versions of all the numbers one to nine, and gave them smiles and  silly faces and dancing feet…and sure enough, he could recognize them ALL in two days!  Amazing!  So we are past that hurdle.  We also talked about “fourness” this week….four people in our family, four seasons, four elements, etc.  He now knows all his seasons well and what happens in each one.   We made groupings of four marbles, and made number collages.

Here he is working on one of his number collages…

And here are the finished products…

Let’s see, what else?  We continued doing our “hands up/hands down” game for music and movement, and added in the interactive singing of “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain.”  (He LOVES this song!! I was really surprised!)  For circle time, we started singing “White Coral Bells.”  We used modeling wax to keep working on fine motor skills, along with all of our writing and art activities.  With his wooden letters, we continued working on “ad” words (bad, mad, lad, tad, sad, glad, etc.)  For speech, we continued our yes/no question lists, and moved on to another exercise in which I make statements about a set of pictures and he points to the correct one.  This went really well; I have seen a major increase in normal pointing out of things this week as a result.

Friday, we went to story time at the library, and I am so glad we did!  We got to see our library’s beautiful new  children’s room, which features a lovely  mural by a local artist.  And Vincent did GREAT.  He sat quietly, listened, didn’t stress at being confined in a group in a small space, didn’t interrupt, answered a question he was asked, and participated happily in the craft.  We unfortunately had to leave early, as I didn’t know they were going to be serving a snack; but it was a very good experience.  I was so proud of him…especially since the last one had stressed him out so badly I had sworn never to go back.  🙂

Saturday, we went to a local antique tractor and engine show.  We had a great time, despite the fact that the loud engine noise did overwhelm Little Guy a bit.

A nice man let him climb up and push the button on one of the VERY COOL antique farm engines.  Only the noise the horn made when he pushed the button scared him to death!

So that was our week of homeschooling.  How was your week?

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