GAPS update and weekend links

Just wanted to give a brief update on things around here.  You may have noticed I didn’t post a menu plan last week.  I probably won’t be posting one this week either.  That is NOT due to any lapse in our diet…we are still going GAPS-strong, believe me.

But I am going to have to revamp the way I plan our meals, and that is what I am currently working on.   Hubby just had a schedule change for work, and is going to be working a complex schedule of alternating days and nights with sets of four days off in between.  The four-days-off part will be nice, but I am quickly learning that the days and nights that he is working long shifts are NOT conducive to the daily, labor-intensive meals I usually make.  Those meals tend to be reliant on his being able to watch Baby V (who is going through a clingy stage) while I cook.

So, it’s back to the drawing board.  I will still be posting menu plans, but it may be a couple of weeks before I start again.  Right now I’m just going day by day, trying to figure out how the new schedule is going to work for everybody; the little ones pretty much don’t see their daddy at all when he is working days, and nights are not much better.  Honestly, it’s been tough, because a twelve-hour shift for him pretty much means a twenty-four-hour shift for me.  Baby V is six months old and going through a not-wanting-to-sleep stage.

The new menu plans will definitely involve some type of batch cooking, probably with some freezer cooking thrown in…all GAPS friendly, of course.  I have lots of kinks to work out, since I’ve never cooked like that (ven pre-GAPS), and am feeling a bit challenged in finding GAPS-friendly freezable recipes.  But I’m sure we’ll be up and running again soon.


In the meantime, here are a few recipes we’ve tried and loved recently…

Absolutely fantastic brownies from Grain-Free Foodies

A nice cauliflower substitute for baked mac-and-cheese

This fantastic skillet pancake...we had it for dinner last night with local sausage


A few I want to try this week…

Something for the deprived Almond-Joy-lover in me

Grain-free cheese sticks…should go great with my GAPS-friendly marinara….(thanks to my sister for this link!)

And hopefully another way to coax Little  Guy into liking squash


And here are a few food and homeschooling blogs I’ve been loving this week…

The Serendipity


Gypsy Forest


Seasons of Joy

Tasty Yummies

on the woodside.


Have a great weekend!!




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