Oak Meadow Week 9

The last two weeks have been a bit rough.  Hubby’s new schedule (referenced in my last post) is making things a bit challenging around here.  He was working all weekend, and Baby V is still in the midst of her sleepless phase, so I didn’t get around to posting last week’s week-in-review till today.  Sadly, I also didn’t get around to taking many pictures last week.

The craziness also meant that Daddy got to do school with Little Guy Tuesday while I went to Nashville for training in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  They both enjoyed the extra time together.

On to summarizing our week.  I’m afraid this is going to be a brief post, because Baby V is down for one of her ever-briefer naps, and is sure to be up very soon.

Last week’s Oak Meadow focus was the letter G, and a continued focus on the number 4.  I added in some themed material on St. Francis, as we were approaching his saint day and would be attending the Blessing of the Animals Sunday night.  (It was so much fun…Little Guy loved seeing all the animals and actually sat beautifully and (mostly) quietly for the whole service!)

Please keep in mind that I can’t draw…and I know it, believe me!  But I sketched the above picture while telling Little Guy a story about St. Francis, his love of the birds (there are four of them, to tie in with our number theme for the week), and Brother Sun and Sister Moon.  Little Guy retains things SO much better if I draw them while I teach.  A Gift from St. Francis was a lovely tale of Francis’s creation of the first Nativity scene, and Tomie de Paolo’s (one of the best children’s author-illustrators ever) book about him is beautiful, although significantly above Little Guy’s level.  I used the pictures to teach and pared down the biographical information into a digestible format.

This week, we also read The Funny Little Woman (a traditional Japanese tale), Little Bear (yet again), The Frog Prince, Hansel and Gretel, Mother Goose Picture Puzzles, One Fine Day, Uncle Elephant, Pumpkin Day, Bread and Jam for Frances, Small Pig, and The Gingerbread Man.  Of course, those are just our school-time books…we read lots more at bedtime.  🙂

In keeping with our emphasis on “4”, we talked about the four-sidedness of squares, and Little Guy made a construction paper squares collage (this was on Tuesday/Daddy-day.  Daddy LOVED being able to teach for a day !) We made fours and squares from toothpicks.  We talked more about things that come in sets of four (our family, etc.) We modeled the numbers four through seven in wax.   And we continued with our number recognition activities for numbers 1 to 10.  He knows them all solidly now…it’s nice that he can finally visually identify what he has known otherwise for so long.

The number recognition helped him with his speech activity this week.  We continued with our speed reading of rows of letters and numbers, and for a bit of variety used a lower-level similar activity with pictures instead of letters and numbers.  We also did some social cue work.  He is doing GREAT in speech….progressing through the levels very quickly.

He worked hard on his block crayon writing this week, and by the end of the week could do decent looking G’s almost on his own.  We skipped the Oak Meadow story for G this week, as I didn’t care for the theme of the Simpleton being made fun of (it is a good story, but I think Little Guy would have found it disturbing), and instead opted to read poems and nursery rhymes featuring the letter G (some from the syllabus, some that we found on our own.)  We also read fall poems from Favorite Poems Old and New. 

For his phonics/word board time this week, we continued sight words and worked on “an” words (man, pan, can, etc.)

For crafts this week, we did the bean/toothpick building and ice sculpture activities in Oak Meadow’s craft book.  He did the bean-building with Daddy, so I didn’t get a picture…but I gather it was lots of fun and great fine motor work.  He thoroughly enjoyed the ice sculpting too.

Can I just say…I LOVE Oak Meadow’s First Book of Crafts.  I am amazed by the wealth of fine-motor-building activities provided, all with an emphasis on nature and the seasons.

For science, we read Oak Meadow’s Garden of Seasons story; cut apples open laterally to see the stars inside, then talked about how the apples protect their seeds by hiding them inside the stars; and did our nighttime sky observations.

We also baked cheese biscuits together, continued playing our favorite PE game (he’s getting better and better at following motion cues), and painted on three of the five days.  Oh…and we went to library story time again.  Here I just have to say–I LOVE our library!! The new children’s librarian is wonderful with Little Guy, and really works to include him and make sure that he is comfortable.  She even consulted with me Wednesday on how to include him in their Halloween celebration, because she wanted to make sure his special dietary  needs were accommodated!  I was so impressed by her desire to include him, especially since we’ve only gone to storytime a couple of times so far (although we are at the library all the time.)  We ended up deciding that I would come early on the 31st and give the librarians some of his allergy-friendly treats, so he could dress up and trick-or-treat along with everybody else.

Well, that’s it, and miraculously, the baby is still asleep.  So I’m off for now…maybe I can actually fit in a bit of yoga or a few pages of a book before she wakes up…(or maybe I just jinxed myself.)



After reading through for typos:  yep, I jinxed myself.  *sigh*

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  1. Have you read ‘Song of St. Francis’ by Tomie de Paola? It is geared toward younger kids. Can’t wait to hear about your Catechesis of the Good Shepherd training! We are also a Catholic family on a path of CM + Waldorf homeschooling. I enjoy your blog, as we seem to have many things in common. Thank you for taking the time to write! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the kind comments!! No, I have not read “Song of St. Francis”; I will look for it. I went to my second week of Catechesis training this past Tuesday, and am continuing to love it. It is such an amazing program, and the training is already teaching me so much about education, and enhancing my own spiritual life. It sounds like you and I do have a lot in common…I don’t come across many religious/CM/Waldorf-ers, so I am incredibly happy to “meet” you! Please stay in touch!


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