Oak Meadow Week 10

Wow, what a week.  It didn’t get off to a particularly good start.  After having been on full GAPS for an entire two and a half months with no cheating (no cheating for Little Guy, that is), we thought it might be nice to–just once–eat out as a family.

What a mistake.

After going out for Mexican (and still avoiding anything containing gluten!), Little Guy completely spazzed out.  For forty-eight hours straight.  You don’t need all the details of said spaz-out, believe me; suffice it to say that Baby V and I had a very rough two days.

We won’t be eating out again any time soon.

However, as I said on the phone to a friend last night, there was one good thing that came out of it.  I realized yet again just how closely connected Little Guy’s neurological issues are to the foods he consumes; and I am more motivated than ever to make GAPS work (not that I wasn’t before).  No compromises, no exceptions, no ifs-and-or-buts.  In fact, I have already started my research on our GAPS-friendly holiday meals for this year.  (Before last Sunday night and its aftermath, we had planned to make some exceptions around the holidays.)

Sooooo….the first two days of school this week were a little bit rocky.  They weren’t completely terrible, just not great.  Little Guy had a really hard time focusing.  But we got through them, and through the week, and it actually ended up being a pretty good week.

Our letter for the week was “H”.  We worked every day on writing it, and he actually got pretty good at it.  We drew a house in the shape of an H, with a  haystack next to it (that was his idea!)  On Tuesday, he went out with Daddy and made a huge chalk H on the driveway, then walked it.

Our Oak Meadow story for the week was “The Tale of Two Bad Mice.”  I was surprised–Little Guy really liked this one.  We also read quite a few other books, including these.

I just have to say quickly–I love, love, love The Magic Gourd!  Wow!  The artwork is amazing, utilizing a highly stylized painted-tile technique with lots of references to African nature symbols–and the story is a wonderful one of smarts, kindness, and forgiveness.  I can’t wait to read more by this author.  Both kids loved it, too.

A Trip to the Firehouse was our nod to Fire Prevention Month.  We checked it out on Wednesday, after attending the firefighter’s storytime at the library.  Little Guy had a blast…they listened to a story, practiced how to escape, in the event of a fire, colored firemen, and got hats and goody bags.

Backing up–Monday, we went for a wonderful nature walk, and got to observe some of our local autumn plants and mini-wildlife.  We saw caterpillars, a grasshopper (who performed beautifully for us), lots of purple  flowers, orange butterflies, black butterflies…and the list goes on.  Little Guy really enjoyed it and was able to remember and relate the list of things we had seen later in the day.

For poetry this week, we continued with nursery rhymes.  We also worked with our Hands Up game, this time starting to incorporate the concept of right and left.  This is a bit hard for him, but I think he’ll get it.  We did lots of chalk on the nice days, and worked with our word boards every day.  He is learning how to spell more new words every day…it’s really amazing.   We did speech–continuing work with picture statements and speed reading (which he has made GREAT progress on. His eye moves quickly and fluidly across the page, and his voice is right in sync with his reading…no stumbling or hesitating.  It’s wonderful.)

For math, we focused on the number “5”.  We talked about our five fingers, five toes, and five points of the body (which make our bodies resemble stars.)  We counted the points on stars.  Little Guy and Daddy traced their hands (five fingers) and put stars (five points) at the end of each finger.  We made a star collage. We used the “Sink the Boat” game from Early Intervention Games, and counted the number of pebbles it took to sink the boat.  We baked brownies, and he counted the ingredients.

We had a good week.  And, as always, Baby V was learning right alongside us….

So that’s it.  As Little Guy is so fond of saying these days….all done! See ya next time!

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  1. It’s great that a week that started not so good ended well for your family.

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