Craziness, Oak Meadow Week 11, and Pumpkin Patch Photos

Well, we are still adjusting to Hubby’s new schedule.  The adjustment period is turning out to be harder than I thought it would.  It is hard because he ends up often being gone on weekends, when we are used to having him home, and home during the week, when we are used to having him gone and moving quietly through our regular school rhythm.  Add into the mix our now-weekly trips to Nashville on Tuesdays and our continued work with the GAPS diet, and things are just. plain. crazy.

I am usually pretty good with crazy. Most of our life for the past five years has been lived in uber-crazy mode.  But for some reason, I am having a hard time with it at the moment.  Maybe it is because I am so happy with how Little Guy has been learning, and I know that a lot of the reason for that (up until now) has been the predictability and rhythm I have been able to give his days. I worry that the changes in schedule are going to affect his learning.  I worry about the balance between fun time with Daddy and productive time doing school.  I worry mostly that I am not doing enough.

And then I try to take a breath.  We really are doing SO much.  Every week.  He is getting good social exposure, he is spelling non-stop and impressing even strangers with the length of words he is able to spell.  He is counting, and finally connecting the abstract to the concrete.  He gets many books read to him…daily.  He goes to library storytime and picks out books and movies…weekly.  He does his version of art every day.  He plays outside.  He is beginning to read.  He wants to know what everything says.  He doesn’t melt down any more.  He doesn’t hit.  He doesn’t scream.  He spaces out in public when he is overwhelmed, but that is okay…we can all deal with spaciness better than meltdowns.

And he is only five. 

So yes; I guess I need to calm down.

Baby V has woken up early from her nap, so my brief window of time to write is over almost before it began.  This is how our days go, lately.

Here is a very fast rundown of our week.

OM’s Week 11 focuses on the letter “I” and continued work with the number 5.  This week, we wrote I’s every day with block crayons; Little Guy got quite good at them, and was almost able to do them on his own at the end of the week.  He worked on a giant chalk “I” outside with Daddy.  We read OM’s “The White Snake,” which is a beautiful story.
We continued sight word work, including the word “is” and the construction of three-word “is”sentences.  He LOVED reading sentences that he could help put together.  We read poetry; we did speech work; we learned “Get on Board, Little Children” at circle time.  We read lots and lots of books.

For math, we arranged rocks in groups from 1 to 5, counted them, and compared the sizes of the groupings (smallest/largest.)

We did bead-stringing for fine  motor work, counting the beads as they went on the string.  We read Count Down to Fall, which I highly recommend.

We attended storytime at the library on Wednesday.  There were more kids there than usual, and while Little Guy was a bit spazzy, he was still infinitely better than he used to be when overwhelmed.  On Tuesday, he went to childcare all day while I was in Catechesis training, and (amazingly) turned out to be the easiest, best-behaved child there!  His socialization was apparently great…he shared all his favorite things, played with the other children, and held one clingy little boy in his lap.  WOW!!

On Friday, we went to playgroup.  Our original plan had been a trip to the pumpkin patch, but when we got there, it was so cold and windy that we checked off to something else after selecting our pumpkins.  We did have time to snap a few pictures though!

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