Oak Meadow Week 12 and Fall Break

So the last two weeks have been a little different.  OM’s week 12 is the last week of the fall term, and I wanted to time it so that we didn’t start the winter term till after Halloween.  This meant that we came to week 12 a week early, which was okay because I wanted to take a fall break.  However, Little Guy does not do well without structure and predictability, so we decided to just do half days of school for two week instead of finishing week 12 and then taking a week off for break.  Week 12 was a review week anyway, so the plan worked out perfectly.

Instead of trying to remember everything we did for the past two weeks (impossible!), I’m just going to give you pictures of a few of our highlights.  We had a lovely two weeks…we are finally just losing our fall leaves here, but they were beautiful while they lasted.  We got to get out in the leaves as a family a  couple of times…so nice!

Here are our high points from the past two weeks.  What were yours?

Pumpkin carving.  YES, this is Little Guy handling messy pulp and seeds! Amazing!

Couldn’t help giving you another one.  I just couldn’t believe the okay-ness with messy!

He loved our finished pumpkin.  We made a little ritual out of the evening…I made almond flour brownies, and we sat on the front porch, lit the candle in the pumpkin, learned a jack o’ lantern poem, cuddled, and ate our brownies.

Little Guy reading The Folks in the Valley: A Pennsylvania Dutch ABC.  That is one gorgeous book.

Library storytime.

Just finished working on his six-sided star.

Halloween at the library!  Notice the leaves…I loved the yellow leaves and the shadows that day!

Baby V was a bumblebee.

Penny rubbings.  Learning how to do a rubbing was a bit of a challenge, but he enjoyed it.

Still working on the rubbing.  If you look closely, you can see the pennies, but he couldn’t quite figure out how to use the side of the block crayon.  There’s always next time!  Hey, he was trying!

So that’s bits and pieces of us.  I have lots more to write about, but no time at the moment. Hopefully soon I will get around to recording all of the things we have been doing, and all the thoughts floating around in my head.  I’m super excited about starting our winter term…we’re going to be starting to grow indoor plants from seed next week.  Should be fun.

In the meantime, I’m off for dinner with the family. Till next time!

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