The great outdoors

Today was a fun day.

It was the first day since Baby V started sitting up on her own that it was neither very cold nor wet and rainy.

While Little Guy was taking a most unusual nap, we went outside to spend some time together and explore the texture of the grass.

Oh, those blue eyes.  They keep breaking my heart and fixing it again.

The dry grass was very prickly…she was not at all sure how much she liked it!

Really, Mommy?  You said this was going to be fun and exciting….I’m trying, but I just don’t get it….


She notices every little thing.  Every change, every movement, every sound.  She is amazing.

I am not a photographer.  I look at other people’s photos (especially of their children) with envy.  But this is my favorite picture of her hands.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  That chubby, delicate, sensitive I’m-out-to-learn-the-world-ness of them.  It really tears at me.

I’m a bit scared of her getting older.

I’m REALLY scared of her getting older.  And I’m not sure if I’m more scared for her or for me.

She saw our dog Merlin walking the tree line.  She would have run after him if she could.

She would run anywhere if she could.

And she will be, soon.

Happy Friday!

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