Oak Meadow Week 13

Week 13 was a good one.

Our letter was “J”.  We read Beatrix Potter’s “Jemima Puddleduck,” and did lots of “J” activities.  We wrote J’s…colored J’s….made pipe cleaner J’s….learned the nursery rhyme “Jack, be Nimble,” and practiced saying it while actually jumping over a candlestick….it was all lots of fun.

Here he is working on his pipe-cleaner J.

We read tons of books, as always, including some Clifford books, Thomas Docherty’s Little Boat (my favorite of the week), Eric Carle’s Rooster’s Off to See the World, Shape Capers, and several others.  We also read Planting the Wild Garden, an absolutely beautiful picture book about seeds and their dissemination.  This one tied in nicely with our science lesson for the week, which was about seeds and trees.

We talked about how all different kinds of tiny nuts and seeds can grow into big, beautiful seeds.  We read “The Little Acorn,”  an excellent book we had from our library program back in Missouri.  It tells the story of the relationship between water and every stage of the growth of a tree.  We suspended an avocado seed in water and are waiting eagerly for it to sprout.

We placed it in a sunny spot and will keep checking it eagerly….(please ignore the obvious dust in this photo!!)

For math, we continued work with the number six.  We did different math activities, including our usual baking, but Little Guy’s favorite seemed to be this one.  We made construction paper numbers and careful counted out matching piles of marbles to place by the correct number.

One of our crafts this week was fork weaving.  Little Guy gave it a good try, but ultimate his fingers proved too clumsy for his peace of mind and he got pretty frustrated.  That’s okay.  We can try again in a couple of months.

We did lots of music and movement this week.  We sang more than usual (he is getting SO much better at singing…both in participation mode with me, and on his own…so he actually wants to sing at times other than circle time!), and we played games.  We played a catch-the-scarf game (which went much better than last time we tried it), we played ball, and we continued to add new instructions to our following directions game (in which he has to listen and respond with the correct physical motions.)

We did plenty of chalk drawing on outside days and painting on inside days….

And of course we continued with our speech therapy activities (we are hovering between levels 7 and 8 in his therapy program).  I am seeing so much progress in him in the past few weeks.   He speaks more clearly, speaks up when I ask him to, is getting better about taking turns speaking instead of constantly having to dominate the room, is doing better about responding appropriately (some of the time), and is adapting more to social cues.  YAY!

So, all in all, a nice, pleasant, productive week.  Hope yours was the same!

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  1. He has progressed so much and I’m so excited he’s doing so well with the curriculum! Kudos to you, Mom, for persevering!

    • Thank you, Heather! It has been so incredibly exciting for me to watch and be part of. I find myself more and more encouraged every week. 🙂

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