Painting Day

What a bright, beautiful morning we have after the rainy night.  I’m glad.  I needed it today.

We left first thing this morning for our milk and egg pick up (we are so very fortunate to have access to wonderful milk, eggs, produce, poultry, and meat, all grown and raised within twenty to thirty minutes of our house!), and then came home and began our school day.  We have a nice solid rhythm to our mornings….first our circle time, which consists of reciting verses, singing, and doing some Montessori-inspired fine motor work.  A lit candle and a mindfulness bell help us to focus. After circle time, we do our reading for the day.  Our reading usually consists of some nursery rhymes or a poem or two (soon I am going to have to write a post on the amazing role that nursery rhymes have played in our work for the past few years and in Little Guy’s language development), our classic fairy tale for the week, and maybe a number book (such as Tasha Tudor’s 1 is One.)  We’ve also been enjoying some gorgeous alphabet books, most notably Alphabet City (can’t recommend this one enough…Little Guy LOVES all the “found” letters!) and A Gardener’s Alphabet. 

And after reading, on Wednesdays, we paint.  In my efforts to recover from the difficult time we’ve been having (difficult for both Little Guy and myself, on different levels and in different ways), I have been working very hard on our weekly rhythm.  I find that having touchpoints every day…knowing that Monday is library day, cleaning-bedrooms day, and soup day, for instance, takes a lot of the challenge out of planning our weeks, and provides us all…myself included…with a sense of security and predictability.  And predictability at home is an amazing thing, when so many other things feel so uncertain.

So, Wednesday is painting day, and has been for a couple of months now.  We all love it.  We have been using the Waldorf system of wet-on-wet watercolor painting, focusing primarily on one color at a time. These two books are excellent resources for this method of painting with young children, and I’ve also been inspired by this lovely blog post.


Today, we worked with yellow.  First, I soaked our watercolor paper and mixed the paint.  Notice studious Baby V. in her chair.  She did not want to wait till Little Guy was ready…


She is always so intent and careful with her work.


While they painted, I told them a short impromptu story about the sun and a sunflower.


Little Guy kinda liked it.  🙂


Then I asked him how painting with yellow made him feel.  He thought for a moment, and you know what he said? Delighted.  Yes, delighted.  You know how delighted it made me feel to hear that, from him, at that moment?


He thought some more, and added, calm and serious. Wow.


Yep.  I think our painting day was a success.  Now it’s time for lunch, and then on to the second half of our school day….

Hope you all are well.

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  1. Hi, we messaged a bit on the SCM forum and after that I looked into how to implement some Waldorf into our school days. For painting I got this great book Painting and Drawing In Waldorf Schools Classes 1-8. I have really enjoyed your blog.

  2. Keeperofthehome…I remember you!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you like the blog. I am trying to start doing better about keeping up with it again. Thanks for the book recommendation; I’ve added it to my to-buy list (which is growing ever longer at an alarming rate!!)

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