A little about me

Hi, I’m Amanda.  Thanks for stopping by my space; I hope you enjoy your stay.

I am a 31 year old mother of two….a six year old boy and baby girl.  I am a musician, writer, editor, book lover, and military spouse.  I am homeschooling my son using primarily Oak Meadow’s curriculum, with Waldorf, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, and therapeutic activities mixed in throughout our day.  Little Guy is a wonderful, incredibly smart boy, who has some serious sensory issues and learning differences.  So each day is different and exciting.  Baby V. is an easygoing, brilliant baby who loves to work alongside us every minute of every day; she keeps us all smiling, all the time.

Our family has been gluten-free for two years, and we currently follow Dr. Natasha McBride’s GAPS healing diet.  I can’t recommend it highly enough; we have seen huge developmental leaps in our son since we started the diet.  We have been on it for eight months at the time of writing, and look forward to even more progress as time goes on.

I find my role as a parent…especially as a parent of a child with learning differences….to be a nebulous and ever-shifting thing.  Nothing defines it; nothing circumscribes it.  It changes day by day.  I am no artist, but find myself staying up late making materials for our school day; I am no Earth Mama, but sometimes find myself feeling uncannily like her.  I do yoga to center my body and mind.  I surf art blogs for peace and inspiration.  I am Episcopalian, and recently went through training in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd; the program has been very nourishing for me, and (I trust) will be so for the children of our church and church school.  I read, every chance I get; I love flowers; I love British drama, Indie films, and foreign films.  I obsess over award lists for books and movies.  I am a pianist, and enjoy (and play) music of many kinds.  I love, love, love to cook and bake and feed the people I love.  These are my comfort zones.  And yet I am always being pushed out of them into new and strange territory.   And I am learning that that is actually okay.   It’s kind of fun, really.

So, again….welcome.  Please grab a cup of coffee (literal or virtual), and make yourself at home.

Peace to you and yours,



Published on May 30, 2011 at 5:55 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. Hi, I am the Communications Program Manager at the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation in Colorado. I read your blog this morning about the progress your son has suddenly made this week and it was beautiful to read. I would like to share this story on our social network sites. I hope you don’t mind. I would like to learn more about you and see if you would be interested in writing stories occasionally for our blog. It’s not often that I would ask you to submit something and I have about 4 others that sometimes write for me too but it is so nice to have parent stories. They are always appreciated by our readers. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Susanne, thanks for coming by and for your comment/invitation! I have responded to the email you used to comment. Thanks again!

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