Crustless Spinach Quiche (grain-free, GAPS-friendly)

This has become one of our family’s favorite recipes on GAPS.  I love it because it’s easily and quickly prepared, and produces not one but TWO quiches with virtually no extra effort.  We have always enjoyed quiche; it was one of our go-to dinner pre-GAPS.  After doing without for a while, we just couldn’t stand it any more, and realized after trying this recipe that we didn’t miss the crust at all.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

Crustless Spinach Quiche

12 eggs, preferably free-range and local

8 slices uncured bacon, free of hormones, nitrates, nitrites, and sugar (if unavailable, omit or substitute meat of your choice)

1 10-0z package frozen spinach, thawed and drained

8 oz. shredded cheddar or monterey jack cheese

1/3 c. home-cultured (or Greek) yogurt

dash cayenne

dash nutmeg

salt and pepper to taste

1. Preheat  oven to 380 degrees.  Cook and crumble bacon. Set aside.

2. Whisk eggs until well-beaten.  Whisk in yogurt, spinach, bacon, and seasonings. 

3.  Mix in shredded cheese.  Taste and adjust seasonings if necessary.

4.  Grease two nine-inch pie plates with a healthy fat.  Divide quiche mixture evenly between pans.

5.  Bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes or until knife inserted in center comes out clean.

(Note: we like a dense quiche.  If you prefer  a lighter, fluffier quiche, add four eggs and 1/3 c. of water, and whisk eggs until frothy.)

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Grain-free Almond and Coconut Flour Biscuits

These are from a night last week when we really wanted biscuits to go with our turkey soup.  I didn’t want to do either the all-almond-flour or all-coconut-flour recipes I’d tried in the past (although both are actually delicious in their own way.)  So I made these.  Hubby declared them the best GAPS biscuits yet; they had a nice crumb, didn’t fall apart, were not too dry, and were good either crumbled over soup (Hubby and me) or with butter and no-sugar preserves (Little Guy.)


Almond and Coconut Flour Biscuits

4 eggs

1/3 c. yogurt (or cultured buttermilk)

2 tbsp. honey

3/4 tsp. salt

3/4 tsp. aluminum-free baking powder

1 c. almond flour

1/4 c. coconut flour (sifted)

Blend all ingredients well, in order given.  Drop by 1/4 measures onto greased baking sheet.  Bake at 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes or until very lightly browned. 


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Grain-free “Oatmeal” Raisin Cookies (GAPS-friendly)


In my plans for Advent, I have been determined on one point: at least once a week (at least being the key words there), I will make a lovely, delicious, GAPS-friendly treat for the family to enjoy.  The Christmas season just isn’t the same without all the old favorite cookies and candies, and while some are impossible to replicate on GAPS, I’m determined to find or create recipes for as many as I can.

Good, chewy, old-fashioned oatmeal cookies are one of my favorite holiday-time treats.  But they are hard to replicate.  It’s a bit difficult to make a grain-free version of an–ahem–oatmeal cookie.  Today, though, I found myself craving cookies…and wanted to make a version I could share with everybody.  I researched some other recipes online and couldn’t find one that worked for me (pumpkin and sunflower seeds in an oatmeal raisin cookie just didn’t sound yummy to me, although I’m sure they work for some.)  So I created one.

This recipe really worked, for our family at least.  Everybody enjoyed them and immediately went for more.  The primary flour is almond flour, and I added some shredded coconut to help with the texture I love so much in real oatmeal cookies.  If you are dairy-free, you could easily substitute coconut oil for the butter.


Grain-Free “Oatmeal” Raisin Cookies

3 farm-fresh eggs (mine were pretty big, probably extra-large)

1 stick salted butter, melted (I really like salted butter in oatmeal cookies.  You can use unsalted if you prefer.)

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1/2 tsp. almond extract

1/3 c. raw, local honey

Cinnamon to taste

2 c. almond flour

1/4 c. coconut flour

3/4 c. unsweetened shredded coconut

3/4 c. raisins

1. Combine first six ingredients and blend well.

2. Add almond flour and shredded coconut and mix.

3. Sift coconut flour and add to other ingredients.  Mix well to ensure that there are no lumps.  (Coconut flour lumps are YUCKY.  Trust me.)

4. Fold in raisins.

5. Grease a cookie sheet with a healthy oil.  Drop dough by generously rounded tablespoons onto cookie sheet.

6.  Flatten dough balls with a fork.  (Don’t forget this step! Cookies will not flatten on their own as they bake!)

7.  Bake at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes, or until cookies begin to brown around the edges.

8. Allow to cool on pan for 1-2 minutes, then loosen with spatula.  Enjoy!

Cookie dough before flattening

Cookie dough before flattening

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Easy Baked Italian Meatballs (GAPS friendly)

So a few nights ago, I had been planning to serve a lovely meat sauce over spaghetti squash…but then discovered the grocery store was out of spaghetti squash.  We still wanted something Italian-inspired, though, so I came up with these…and they were a huge hit with all three of us. Plus, they smelled great while cooking and had that oh-so-comfy-and-homey look on the plate.

These are super easy and fast to whip up on a weeknight.  Serve them with some garlic green beans and a salad, and you have a meal.



Easy Baked Italian Meatballs

2 lbs. grass-fed ground beef

2 eggs

2 tsp. dried basil

2.5 tsp. garlic powder, divided

salt and pepper to taste

3 15-oz. cans tomato puree

2 tbsp. honey

2 tsp. dried oregano

1/3 c. grated Parmesan cheese

  1. Preheat oven to 375.
  2. Mix ground beef, beaten eggs, basil, and 1.5 tsp. garlic powder until well combined.  Add salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Form mixture into 1.5″ balls and place in single layer in 13″x 9″ pan.
  4. Mix tomato puree, honey, oregano, and remaining teaspoon garlic powder.  Add salt and pepper and adjust seasoning to taste.  Pour mixture over meatballs.
  5. Sprinkle Parmesan over sauce and bake uncovered at 375 for forty minutes.
  6. Serve with extra Parmesan and enjoy!

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Savory Coconut Flour Mini-Pancakes (GAPS-friendly)

So, I was prepping dinner last night, and realized I really wanted a bread element…and I did NOT want coconut flour biscuits or banana bread.  I wanted something truly savory.

Of course, since we are on GAPS, the only two flours we use are coconut flour and almond flour.  Coconut flour is what I currently have in the refrigerator.  It is a little hard to incorporate into savory recipes, because it tends to always taste…well..undeniably coconut-y.  Now, that is fine if you love coconut (which I do) and want a strong coconut flavor in your baked goods (which is really nice sometimes.)  But sometimes you just don’t want to taste coconut.  Fruit purees hide the flavor nicely in quick breads, and cheese does a good job in biscuits.  Herbs are a good option too.

I played around a little bit, and ended up coming up with this recipe.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture, but at least I wrote down the recipe. I’m a bit new to this recipe-blogging thing.  I do a lot of recipe-less cooking/baking; but I virtually never write down recipes, and therefore never replicate my successes.  That is something I want to work on.

These little silver dollars are really quite good served with a dollop of homemade creme fraiche.  They are a nice substitute for rolls or for potato pancakes.  Even Hubby took one bite and said, “Wow!”   Hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


Savory Coconut Flour Mini-Pancakes

2 tbsp. cultured butter, melted

3/4 c. water

2 eggs, beaten

1/4 c. coconut flour

salt to taste

dash cayenne

1 1/2 tsp. parsley flakes

2 tsp. minced onions

1/2 tsp. garlic powder

cooking oil of choice

  1. Make sure your eggs are well-beaten.  Blend water into beaten eggs.
  2. Add melted butter to egg-and-water mixture.  Mix well.
  3. Add salt and other seasonings. 
  4. Slowly add coconut flour, beating as you add.  Mix well.
  5. Drop by tablespoonfuls onto well-greased frying pan.  Fry over medium heat until edges of pancakes begin to solidify.  Flip and fry briefly on the other side. 
  6. Serve immediately with butter and/or creme fraiche.

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