GAPS Menu Plan, Week 5

Well, last week was pretty great.  We had some great recipe successes, and some good family time.

This post will have to be written fast as I have a fussy, teething baby who keeps waking up and wanting to nurse.  So here are the highlights, and then on to the menu plan.


This coconut flour pizza crust turned out fantastic!  Everyone enjoyed it.  It was nice and thin, with a great texture, and didn’t become soggy   under the toppings.  We’ll definitely be using it again!

Thursday, Hubby and I celebrated our ninth anniversary, and I made this yellow coconut cake with cocoa buttercream frosting.  It was fantastic.  Everybody loved it, and to my surprise, it was nice and moist and non-crumbly, even though the only flour used is coconut flour.  Yum!

Friday night, I had planned to use spaghetti squash for GAPS “spaghetti”, but couldn’t find any.  So I came up with these baked Italian meatballs…and all three of us enjoyed them.  That was a relief.  It’s not hard to find something that Hubby and I enjoy, but when Little Guy loves it too…believe me, it stays on the menu.

So without further ado, here’s this week’s menu.

Sunday–Breakfast: leftover coconut flour banana bread, fruit, cheese; Lunch: Leftovers (we ended up with lots of leftovers this week!); Dinner: cheese omelets, smoked apple sausage, oranges

Monday–Breakfast: Eggs and tomatoes; Lunch: flourless peanut butter pancakes, fruit; Dinner: Simple Salmon Salad

Tuesday–Breakfast: GAPS banana sticky buns (from Internal Bliss); Lunch: Egg salad over greens, pickled okra, and fruit; Dinner: Crockpot Chicken, green beans, sliced green peppers

Wednesday–Breakfast: Sausages and peppers; Lunch: Chicken salad, fruit, kale chips; Dinner: white bean chili, Jalapeno-cheddar coconut flour biscuits

Thursday–Breakfast:  Eggs and tomatoes; Lunch: chef salads; Dinner: Chicken satay with peanut sauce, baked acorn squash, sliced tri-colored peppers

Friday–Breakfast: muffins, cheese, fruit; Lunch: assorted fresh veggies with dip, yogurt, and grain free crackers; Dinner: slow-cooker barbecued ribs, cole slaw, veggie pancakes w/creme fraiche

Saturday–Breakfast: flourless peanut butter pancakes; Lunch: leftovers; Dinner: leftovers

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GAPS Menu Plan, Week 3

This was a good week.  The menu plan worked out great, and everybody seemed to enjoy most meals.  I don’t have a lot of time to write today, so here’s  a quick run-down, and then this week’s menu.

The grain-free granola I made turned out great, but a little brown.  I made it with sunflower seeds, coconut, honey, coconut oil, cinnamon, and raisins, and didn’t account for how much faster it would cook than the regular grain-filled granola I used to make.  It was done in about eight minutes as opposed to twenty.  At least I know for next time.

I went to my local butcher’s this week and stocked up on good, clean meat.  We don’t have a chest freezer, so I don’t keep as much meat on hand as some people I know.  But our side-by-side is currently packed with two chickens, two roasts, a rack of ribs, a pork tenderloin, pork chops, five 2.5 lb. rolls of ground beef, two rolls of sausage, and of course the tons of stock I made last week. We’re good to go for a little while.

This week, Little Guy was feeling a bit snack-deprived, so in addition to his standard cheese, raisins, carrot sticks, and fruit, I made
these Cinnamon-Walnut Buttons, and these  coconut/almond flour muffins.  Both were a huge hit.  The cookies are an amazing source of fiber and omega-3’s, and the muffins helped everybody satisfy that baked-good craving we’ve been developing.  I’ll be making both again, probably this week.

Hubby really liked last week’s lemon chicken and broccoli, and the cowboy stew.  I did too.  Little Guy didn’t care for either.   I realized part way through the week that I didn’t do a very good job of gearing the menu to him (except for the flourless peanut butter pancakes!! they are amazing….just three ingredients, but really good topped with raw honey and butter), so I am trying to do a little better this week.

Here we go.

  • Sunday: Breakfast: Leftover coconut/almond flour muffins, fruit, coffee (church breakfast); Lunch: Pork chops and tomatoes with creme fraiche; Dinner: French Onion Soup with creme fraiche, slow-cooker chicken, peas with mint
  • Monday: Breakfast: Eggs with tomatoes; Lunch: Chicken salad, vegetable salad; Dinner: Italian meat casserole, garlicky green beans
  • Tuesday: Breakfast: Coconut flour banana bread with peanut butter, baked apples; Lunch: Leftovers; assorted cheese; hard-boiled eggs; Dinner: Coconut chicken soup, onion torte, spinach salad
  • Wednesday: Breakfast: Sausage and peppers; Lunch: Flourless peanut butter pancakes, fruit; Dinner: Meatball soup with creme fraiche, broccoli cheddar bites
  • Thursday: Breakfast: Cheese and tomato omelets; Lunch: Chef salads; Dinner: Pot roast with chiles, cucumber-yogurt salad
  • Friday: Breakfast: Sausage and peppers; Lunch: Frittata, fruit; Dinner: Meatloaf, cauliflower “mashed potatoes”, salad
  • Saturday: Breakfast: Flourless peanut butter pancakes; Lunch: Spicy pork chops OR leftovers; Dinner: Leftovers

I made more creme fraiche today, and made and froze some chicken stock with last week’s chicken carcass.  This week, I need to make 24-hour yogurt….hopefully a big batch.  We eat it FAST, and I plan on sweetening and freezing some for Little Guy this week.  I also need to make banana bread, muffins, and cookies to last the week.  Better get cracking!

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